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It is here that we inscribe the tales of the awe-inspiring war against the Furries. Help out our fellow Gamers by expanding our articles so that others may know the hardships faced by our Gamer heroes. And, of course, remember to pay respects to our fallen Gamers by pressing F. We merely want to chronicle the tales our fellow Gamers and comrades have endured, to tell the tales of woe to our future generations so that they may fight for our cause and pursue a greater future without the tyrannical axis of Furries.

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A map of the American fronts in the war.

The War Has Not Ended

The war has yet to end. Furries are still fighting our fellow Gamers. Despite huge successes from allies such as the Soviet Union, in which they rounded up a large majority of a Furry population, the Furries refuse to give up.

The Gamers are currently engaged in a worldwide campaign to take Furry occupied land back. They are currently engaged in heavy fighting in almost every continent, as they move to secure many points to use for further attacks. These attacks have dealt a severe blow to Furry morale, and all soldiers are still making an effort to push as far as possible.

According to multiple inside Gamers, the Furries have multiple bases of operation throughout the world, with each one being reported back to Gamer HQ and being verified. These bases are heavily fortified and are key strategic points that must be captured. They have also reported that the Furries are attempting to advance their stealth technologies but are having severe difficulties from the common inability to handle the sound of gaming music or game references.

Notable Pages

1st Furry War - The beginning of the conflict between Furries and Gamers.

2nd Furry War - Hostilities renew after a surprise Furry attack.

Tik Tok - The Main battleground of the war

United Socialist Gamer Republic - A union of nations allied to the Gamers.

United States of Furries - A union of nations allied to the Furries.

Map of The World - Map detailing territories controlled by both sides.

Timeline - The history of the War.

List of Major Battles

List of Notable Gamer Soldiers

Spinoff Wars

Gamer Civil War - The war between PC, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Gamers.

Soviet-Gamer War - Taking advantage of the chaos of the Gamer Civil War, Soviets declare war on Gamers.

Gamer/Weeb-Normie War - After the soviets were defeated by the Gamers and Weebs.

Gacha-Gamer War - Artists + Gamers vs Gachas.

Rebel War - A series of rebellions by small factions of Gamers in a bid to reignite the Civil War.

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